Chinook Kid / Junior Sail 2021

Adult Trainers Shift Rigg kompl.

Complete rig designed to make learning to windsurf easy. Dacron material for superior durability against wear and UV rays. Comes with Ezzy built sail, 2-piece epoxy, Chinook Kid or Sport boom, mast base, mast extension, and uphaul.
Now being used as a very capable SUP rig, “SHIFT” your SUP into high gear!


Nokaoi Deal 2020

3.o m2 519.-/ 459.-Sfr

3.5 m2 609.-/ 539.- Sfr

4.0 m2 619.-/ 549.-Sfr

CHF 449.00CHF 529.00



3.0 Kid 120-160cm 315cm Kid Epoxy-RDM Mech Europin Euro-pin fixed
3.5 Kid 120-160cm 370cm Kid Epoxy-RDM 1-Bolt Mech-US Short US-RDM
4.0 Sport 129-191cm 400 Epoxy-SDM 1-Bolt Mech-US Short US-SDM

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Ezzy Kids

3.0, 3.5, 4.0