the Ezzy “Cheetah” Freeride Sail 2021

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David Ezzy

For nearly a decade, the Ezzy Cheetah has set the industry standard for no-cam freeride sails. Known for the perfect combination of stability, speed, and ease of use. The 2020 Cheetah progresses forward as the most advanced freeride sail we have ever built. The new Cheetah features a substantial 1/2 pound (230 gram) weight reduction in each size. The new sail springs to life in your hands with an enhanced high-end range, snappier sail rotation, and higher top speed.

The Cheetah is one of our best-selling sails because of the wide wind range and uniquely stable design. David Ezzy’s philosophy of incremental improvements year after year means that this new sail will feel familiar and compatible with your quiver, while boosting performance. The Cheetah features the endo-batten profile system that locks the shape into the panels, making the Cheetah very stable and intuitive to sail. The calibrated downhaul system insures an accurate and precise downhaul setting every time you rig.

As with all Ezzy Sails, quality and durability are baked into the design ensuring you will log many years of reliable sailing on your Cheetah. Every sail is rigged in our factory by our experienced craftsmen who scrutinize every millimeter from headcap to pulley. While rigged, the battens are tuned to be ready right out of the bag for your first session. We obsess over our quality, so you can enjoy the Cheetah today and for many years to come.


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Limited Color , Limitierte Stückzahl , nur für die SchweizWhite Yellow

o = orange / b = blue

w = ltd color white yellow coming in march

Shipping /Lieferungen nur and only in der Schweiz!!!

b= blue o= orange  w = white yellow limited… on stock / an Lager

Size (m2) & color Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Mast (cm) Battens Cams Weight (kg) Top
5.5 434-437 171-179 430 6 3.64 vario
6.0 440-443 179-187 430 6 3.91 vario
6.5 453-456 187-195 430 6 4.05 vario
7.0 464-467 194-203 460 6 4.24 vario
7.5 / w 475-478 201-210 460 7 4.62 vario
8.0 483-486 210-219 460 7 4.84 vario
8.5 / b o w 500-503 216-225 490 7 5.05 vario
9.5 / b o 511-514 235-245 490 7 5.38 vario


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