Ezzy Elite Sail 2019 Sale

Sizes on stock 2019 Test Sails ? 

3.7 m2 test sail 830.- / 390.- Sfr limited edition blk

Test Segel in Top Zustand .


The Ezzy Elite carries 35 years of Hookipa heart and soul: a sail that is strong and light, planes quickly and remains ultra controllable even in the most hardcore conditions.

Ezzy sailors trust the Elite. It has the power to drive through currents when the wind is onshore, but it is maneuverable enough to rip up the waves on the way in—and land backloops on the way back out.And, the sail remains balanced and stable both on the wave and also over chop in bump-n-jump seas.

Each year, the Elite changes in small adjustments that combine to create an elegant evolution over time. By adjusting the construction, this year we are able to

make the sail feel lighter while at the same time being stronger in the clew, a traditional area of weakness for hardcore wave sailing.

We work on every aspect of the Elite to be perfect from rigging to carving.We developed the calibrated rigging system so that anyone can get perfect tuning in seconds. Like all our sails, we build the Elite in our very own factory because that is the only way we can insure 100% Ezzy quality. Each Elite is rigged, calibrated, and inspected in our factory before going out the door to sailors all over the world.

We treasure the trust you place in us, and in return we give you the Elite.

CHF 380.00

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