Ezzy Hydra Pro 2019 Sale

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5.0 m2 yel. 400.-  Sfr.

The Hydra Pro is a light-weight, low-drag sail designed for high-speed freeride foiling. The Hydra Pro excels in the extreme upwind and downwind angles that make free-ride foiling so much fun.

The unique foot of the Hydra Pro reduces the unwanted turbulent airflow that occurs below the foot of a traditional sail. This extended foot gives the Hydra Pro a smooth and predictable feel when foiling.

For lightwind foiling, you need two sails in one: a deep and draft-forward sail to get up on the foil and a flatter sail to handle the apparent wind as it shifts forward when you get going. At the light wind setting, the Hydra’s ¾-batten above the boom produces an extremely deep and forward profile to get you flying up on the foil— the sail’s profile is much deeper, in fact, than is possible with a full-battened or cambered sail. Once up flying on the foil, the ¾-batten allows the luff to automatically “deflate” (flatten) as the apparentwind shift forward.

For stronger winds, the Hydra Pro can be set very flat—much flatter than a full-battened
or cambered sail—to give the ultimate control for adrenaline-filled runs in winds over 30 knots.

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