Ezzy “Wave” 4 Batten Sail 2020

…brauchst du noch eine Segel m2 Ergänzung zu deinem bestehenden Wave Sail?

Herbstdeal für kommende super Windtage !!! 


My goal with the Ezzy Wave was to combine the power and stability of our Zeta, with the lightness and handling of our Elite.

Getting the Ezzy Wave right was a challenge. It had to satisfy both my son Graham’s need for power in European on-shore conditions and 8x world champion Kevin Pritchard, who demands lightness and maneuverability for side-off wave riding.

The Ezzy Wave is built to my quality standards while coming in about 200 grams lighter, per sail, than the Elite. Weight reductions came in a number of areas. I replaced the vinyl window with Spectra-reinforced X-ply, and the clew design is lighter, which in addition to saving overall weight, reduces the swing weight. For comparison, the new 4. 7 is now the same weight as last year’s Elite 4. 2, making the Ezzy Wave one of the lightest wave sails in the world.

…the ultimate Wave Sail from lake Urnersee to every wave spot on the world.

The Ezzy Wave comes highly recommended.

David Ezzy

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b = blue / o = orange color on stock

Size (m2) Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Mast (cm) Battens Side to On Shore Wave Style Weight (kg) Top
3.0 336-340 130-139 315b/340t 4 Wave Side to On Shore 2,46 vario
3.4       o 348-352 134-143 340b/340t 4 Wave Side to On Shore 2,57 vario
3.7       o 361-365 139-148 340b/370t 4 Wave Side to On Shore 2,67 vario
4.0  b/o 369-373 142-152 370b/370t 4 Wave Side to On Shore 2,72 vario
4.2       o 377-381 145-155 370b/370t 4 Wave Side to On Shore 2,79 vario
4.5  b 388-392 149-159 370b/400t 4 Wave Side to On Shore 2,88 vario
4.7       o    398-402 152-162 370b/400t 4 Wave Side to On Shore 2,95 vario
5.0       o 409-413 157-167 400b/400t 4 Wave Side to On Shore 3.05 vario
5.2       o 421-425 162-172 400b/400t 4 Wave Side to On Shore 3,15 vario
5.5       o 427-431 165-175 400b/430t 4 Wave Side to On Shore 3,25 vario
5.8 b 440-444 167-177 430b/430t 5 Wave Side to On Shore 3,45 vario

Over Ezzy Sails

Quality is our strenght

In 1983 David Ezzy made his first windsurfing sail under the Ezzy Sail black and white eagle logo. He started his custom sail business on Maui in an old shed that has since become a sleek design loft. Back then, custom sails were the means to success for every serious sailor and Ezzy Sails led the sailing revolution. Ezzy made sails that were renowned for their “Hookipa” traits: strength and power.

Now the Ezzy factory is housed in a 20,000 square foot, brand-new building in Srilanka owned by David Ezzy and the factory staff. It is a safe, non-toxic work environment with state-of-the-art computer cutting machines, employee amenities such as a staffed kitchen, transportation, uniforms and a music sound system. The distribution reach of Ezzy Sails has expanded to cover most countries worldwide. Word of mouth spreads the knowledge of the high quality standards behind the name Ezzy and the company continues to grow.

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