5. MFC Single Freeride – Wave 2023

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  • US – Box or Power Box


  • The new freewave has been updated to last version with a straight leading edge for the first 10-12cm of the base to help the fin accelerate quickly, get planning early and achieve maximum speed. We have designed it with less tip than a classic freewave but in square shape that helps keep the surface area bigger. This shorter tip allows for less drag at maximum speed. The profile of the fin has been modified on the second half of the fins, from center to tip to provide more flexibility of the G10.


  • CNC-G10
  • For Wave and Bump & Jump and Freeride …


  • US-box / Sizes 21cm  23cm * 25cm **  28 cm für 120.- Sfr.


  • Power – box / 21 cm  23cm*  25cm*  28cm  30 cm  32 cm  34 cm für 130.- Sfr 


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Over Maui Fin Company

MFC owner Pio Marasco moved to Maui at the end of 1989 because of his passion for the ocean and for water sports. This passion inevitably led him to work in the watersports industry. MFC HAWAII (established in 1986) was his first connection into the industry and from there he started his adventure as a “fin maker”.

Marasco’s life revolves around the ocean, and Hawaii is the perfect place for Pio to express his creativity and ideas in every form. His vision is to contribute the best fins to the market. He meticulously takes his time to personally connect with every surfer at the beach or at the MFC HAWAII Headquarters, located in the Pawela Cannery in Haiku, Maui. He personally tests all of the MFC fins going on the market together with the MFC team.

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23 cm, 25 cm, 28 cm, 21 cm