Ezzy ” Wave ” 2020

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 5.8 m2 in blue on stock…….

My goal with the Ezzy Wave was to combine the power and stability of our Zeta, with the lightness and handling of our Elite.

Getting the Ezzy Wave right was a challenge. It had to satisfy both my son Graham’s need for power in European on-shore conditions and 8x world champion Kevin Pritchard, who demands lightness and maneuverability for side-off wave riding.

The Ezzy Wave is built to my quality standards while coming in about 200 grams lighter, per sail, than the Elite. Weight reductions came in a number of areas. I replaced the vinyl window with Spectra-reinforced X-ply, and the clew design is lighter, which in addition to saving overall weight, reduces the swing weight. For comparison, the new 4.7 is now the same weight as last year’s Elite 4.2, making the Ezzy Wave one of the lightest wave sails in the world.

As with all of our sails, the Ezzy Wave is rigged and calibrated with a load cell, then meticulouslychecked over in my factory.

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EZZY WAVE Luff Luff Boom Preise Ezzy Mast Weight
Size (sq.m.) Min (cm) Max (cm) Min-Max (cm) Bottom/Top Kilograms
5.8 blue 440 444 167-177 885.- / 400.- Sfr 430/430 3.45 kg