5. Quatro Paddle Pro 65% Adjustable 2022

High performance paddle available in 3 sizes, S , M and L, to cover a wide range of riders.

The S has a reduced diameter shaft, suitable for ladies and groms. The M is suitable for most riders, especially on smaller boards and also comes with a reduced diameter shaft. The L is for bigger riders or for recreational boards and flat water purpose. The L has a standard diameter shaft.

The adjustable length range is different and adapted to each size.

This is a very strong, very lightweight, powerful and balanced surfing paddle. Scooped dihedral blade shape for power and control in high cadence paddling. Low 8 degrees blade angle designed for surfing. Epoxy 65% Carbon 12k blade and 50% Carbon 12K shaft. Fiberglass palm handle.

Adjustable as follows: S 150 to 200 cm. M 160 to 210 cm. L 170 to 220 cm.
Riders weights as follows: S 50 to 70 kg. M 65 to 85 kg. L 80 to 105 kg.
Blade Area Sizes : S 75.2  M 80.4 L 88 sinch
Blade Width Sizes : S 165 M 175 L 187  mm
Shaft Sizes : S 26.5 M 26.5 L 29  mm

S and M size ideal for: Nano, Carve, Glide. Large size ideal for: Carve, Glide, Roam and great for all-round recreational use.

The Varioflex Pro is great for SUP foiling.

Available in neon blue.

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Varioflex Pro 65% Adjustable









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